German Bundeswehr Wool Blanket- Excellent Condition- Brown


Don't forget these...

You guys have made it VERY clear that you love wool blankets as much as I do, so whenever I get the chance to grab some really cool and unique surplus ones, it's a good day. A small batch of these popped up, so I decided to grab a few to try out for myself and for you guys. These are VERY high quality, seemingly unissued wool blankets used by the German Bundeswehr from the 1960s through today. They are constructed out of a nice heavy duty wool blend (I don't know the percentage, but it seems like about a 70/30ish blend just by the weight and feel to me). The color is sort of a brown-ish gray, very similar to the early Bundeswehr wool uniforms. 

These say "Bundes Eigentum" which means "Federal Property". I love when military gear has that written or embedded in the design, and they are surplused out years later, sort of funny. From the stock photos you can see there are different styles and slightly different sizes. Most are about 6'x6'. These are probably the highest quality surplus wool blankets I've seen in a while, as wool products in general are getting quite expensive and difficult to source. 

Anyway, I know you'll enjoy yours as I enjoy mine. Like with all surplus, once these are sold, there is no guarantee I'll ever be able to get more.