German Gew 88 Barreled Action. 1890 Danzig


Don't forget these...

Another one I don't really want to get rid of, but must clear up space. This tri-toned (finishes) barreled action was something I was intending to get a stock for eventually, but haven't, so that's up to you. As pictured, it's in good shape, and just needs a stock. Before you restore this beauty and intend to fire it, make 100% sure you have this inspected by a licensed and competent gunsmith as I have not fired it yet. It's such a cool and unique piece of my collection, but you'll be able to finish the project and bring her back to her former glory more than I can. 

NOTES: NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING WHATSOEVER. Also, do NOT use PayPal as a payment method for this. They don't understand what an "Antique" is versus various other bad-boy boomsticks. I will need you to e-mail me a copy of your state issued ID to confirm age and legality.