Hungarian M70 Steel Helmet with Traffic Control Insignia, Size Medium 55-58CM


Don't forget these...

Hungarian M1970 Helmet. These are genuine surplus. Designed and patterned after the Soviet SSh-40 helmet, these helmets have a robust construction, and are complete with authentic Anti-Infrared plastic O.D paint. These are made of heavy gauge steel with leather pads for superior comfort.  These are affordable, functional, and excellent collector's items from a quite large Eastern Bloc country. What a great way to acquire a genuine Cold War artifact! 

These will all have two black stripes, the "target" Hungarian insignia and an "F" letter for traffic control. These are VERY hard to find. 

NOTE: These are all used, so expect various degrees of wear ranging from darkened leather, to paint chipped off, and slight rust on liner hardware. Foam in the pads may be a little stiff as these were stored for many years. All will be 100% usable, but expect these to not be new.