Italian Composite Ballistic Plate- Used


Don't forget these...

Once in a while, something really cool like this comes up as an opportunity, and I jump on it. These plates are unique in the fact that they appear to be made from extremely compressed layers of fiberglass, but I'm not sure on the composition. These are mostly dated 1999/2000 with an expiration date of around 2004. The weight on each is just over 3 Pounds, and the size is approximately 12"x10"x1", which makes them perfect for us more large people. These are also slightly curved, and are a square cut so if you have an old French or British vest that requires square plates, you're in luck.

NOW, before we get in to some interesting things, you must understand I am selling these for costume purposes only, as these are way past their expiration date and should not be used for ballistic protection of any sort. 

As many of you know, I am obsessed with surplus items, and enjoy testing them in ways that most other people won't, this includes, but is not limited to ballistic testing armor products. I chose to conduct a very redneck field test on some of the nastier looking plates of the lot. I was standing no more than 10 yards with both pistols and rifles, and using multiple plates that were hit multiple times, came to the results in the last few photos on this listing. Nothing penetrated, and the back-face deformation was surprisingly minimal.

You can see the markings indicating caliber and bullet weight. All were FMJ. The 7.62x54R 147gr Steel core bullet was fired out of a Mosin Nagant 91/30 at approximately 10 yards. Spalling appeared to be minimal as the rounds were caught in the layers. Definitely a cool piece to add to any collection. 

Again, I am selling these for COSTUME PURPOSES ONLY! These also can NOT be shipped internationally due to ITAR so PLEASE do not purchase if you do not live in the United States.