Italian Kevlar Trauma Plate- Used, Set of 2


Don't forget these...

Armor is always fun and collectible. These Italian Kevlar trauma plates fit that bill perfectly. These are the old-school, nice and compact, lightweight plates used by who I assume would be the Military and Carabinieri (police) from the 1980s until recently. They are about 9.5" Wide at the bottom (wider) part, and about 8.5" wide at the top, and the plates are about 11" high. If you're wanting a nice lightweight plate for airsoft or another loadout, these are neat. Slightly curved. 

Some have adhesive residue on the backs, some have foam padding on the backs. This is inconsistent, and most are just the plates themselves, but I figured I'd mention it still. You get TWO plates for the price.

NOTES: I am selling these only for collectible purposes/costume purposes. That being said, I tested similar plates in a very amateur manner, and they were able to stop a 9x19mm and other various small calibers at a distance of about 7 yards, minus the 7.62x25 Tokarev. Again, I'm not selling these for ballistic protection at all because I can't guarantee it, but they would make for some affordable range targets to make videos on if you're in to that sort of thing... ALSO, THESE CAN NOT BE SHIPPED OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES DUE TO ITAR.