Italian WW2 Leather Ammo Belt with 2 Pouches for Carcano Rifles- Used

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Don't forget these...

It's not often I am able to get genuine WW2 Surplus, especially of the Gucci variety. Used by Italian forces in WW2, these not only look good, but are practical as well. The buckle is a bit convoluted but once you figure it out it's not terrible. If you own a Carcano, these are a must-have. If you're a WW2 Buff, this is one of the last opportunities to have some original affordable WW2 surplus from an Axis nation. Belt adjusts up to about a size 36" Waist. If you're a bigger chap like myself, these can also be worn bandolier style, or just placed in your collection on a shelf in a nice spot. 

NOTES: I will be shipping these to you in separate pieces. You will receive a belt, two pouches, and the belt buckle. Eventually I may get around to making a video on how to assemble them, but for now you'll have to wing it like I did and use the stock photo as a reference. LEATHER, when aged, tends to dry out. I would highly recommend treating the belts and pouches with kid gloves, and possible applying some sort of leather treatment to them. That being said, they don't seem to be falling apart quite yet, but are slightly crispy.