Lot of 4 Gew 88/05 Barreled Receivers. Lot #2


Don't forget these...

Imagine my surprise when I uncovered these bad-boys in the warehouse. These FLEW off the shelves a few years back when I had them, and I don't expect they'll last long now. These are PERFECT for those who love projects, or for gunsmiths who want to create great sporters. Missing a LOT of parts, but these can be tracked down and you'll have some fantastic projects to keep you busy.

These will all have issues, and are being sold as "gunsmith specials" and in no way should you attempt to fire these after completed without a competent and licensed gunsmith inspecting and clearing them. This is the last of these that I have, and once they're gone, they're gone. 

NOTE: I will need a photo copy of your state ID to show you are at least 18 and a statement from you telling me Antique f1rearms are legal to own in your jurisdiction before I ship. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING WHATSOEVER.