Mike's Militaria East German Strichtarn Camo Helmet Cover


Don't forget these...

That's right! Available and in stock NOW.  Make sure to grab yours before they're sold out to be able to own a sweet helmet cover in this AWESOME and popular camo pattern. ALSO, yes, before you ask me, these DO fit GREAT on East German M56 variant helmets. The last three photos are on my original Size III helmet (XL) so it's safe to say these will fit on all three sizes quite nicely. There are many original photos of field-made covers that look like this. Either way, these things are versatile and look amazing on whatever helmet you put it on. 

These work on most PASGT clones, but also work on ACH/ECH designs, as well as M1 designs thanks to the drawstring attachment method. I tried to make these as universal as I possibly could utilizing the resources I have. Hand-made by me. 

I will only be doing size Medium/Large covers in this batch. Made from a cotton twill. While supplies last.