Mike's Militaria Grade 2/3 Mystery Box (Read Description)


Don't forget these...

Do you like rolling dice? do you enjoy projects that involve restoring/repairing items? Like military surplus? Of course you do, you're on this site. 

So, why even have something like this? Because I like to move stuff. I try to personally inspect each piece when I receive inventory, and just before I ship to ensure you are not getting an item that needs to be repaired or just didn't make the cut to sell in normal stock.

SO, examples of what you can get are basically everything on the site, and then some items that are laying around the warehouse. Due to the nature of these items, all sales are final on these boxes. 

What to expect: Broken/Missing parts, Faded Clothing/material, Tears in clothing that don't flatline the item, but don't meet the requirements for Grade 1. I.E- Repairable but rough items, Clothing missing buttons or insignia, helmets missing significant parts or moldy.  

Why bother then? Because this is a great way to get authentic military surplus for super cheap. This stuff makes excellent props for movies, can be tweaked for use in displays, and various other purposes, and a lot of these things can be restored. Everyone wins: I clear out items, and you get super cheap surplus items.