Mike's Militaria LIMITED EDITION Austrian "Taz Neu" Camo Helmet Cover


Don't forget these...

That's right! Available only until May 18th, 2024 for pre-order. After that, I don't know when/if I will have these available again. Make sure to grab yours before the order cutoff date to be able to own a sweet helmet cover in this SUPER hard-to-find and highly popular camo pattern! Be among the first to have a Taz Neu cover on your PASGT/ACH/ECH clone, or even an M1 as they fit on most. 

I will only be doing size Medium/Large covers in this batch.  I don't think this is surplus Taz Neu material, but the pattern is spot on. Made from a Cotton/Poly ripstop so you can beat the piss out of the cover and have it look "salty". While supplies last, or until May 18th. 

NOTE: These take 2-3 weeks to ship after ordering since I have to make each one by hand.