Mike's Militaria Surplus Mail Vitality


Don't forget these...

So if you've been a customer for a while, you may remember mystery boxes and big ol' boxes of surplus. Well, now we've got one better. Allow me to explain a little below:

These boxes are for those of you who enjoy doing research on random military surplus items, and selling them on E-bay or wherever you can for a profit. These are boxes of odds n' ends that I am too lazy to list individually (it worked for a while but it gets tiring for me to keep it up with everything else I do). So, my laziness can work for you.  

WHAT TO EXPECT: Genuine military surplus items from around the world. Some used, some new. Clothing of random (usually smaller) sizes, gear, insignia, and headgear. Items you can easily sell for fun and some extra cash on the side. You will also get a MINIMUM of the price tag's worth of items. That being said, I want to get rid of this stuff without giving it away completely, so I'll generally pack as much as I can in to your box so you'll actually make a decent amount of cash when (and if you don't keep the stuff for yourself) you go to sell. 

This isn't a gimmick or a "too good to be true" thing, I am just overwhelmed with inventory, and have been finding a ton of odds and ends that I really just want gone to make room for more inventory shortly. If you like military surplus, this is definitely your thing. 

Perfect for those who sell items at gun shows or militaria shows. Easy way for you to make a few bucks, and an easy way for me to get rid of a bunch of random things that I am too lazy to list individually. PERFECT for getting gifts for people in your life who are in to military surplus. 

Unfortunately, due to the nature of this item, and the fact that I've explicitly explained what you're going to get, there are no returns on this item.