Mike's Militaria Trauma/ Combat Lifesaver Go-Bag

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Really nice small trauma bag for hunting, fishing, camping, and just being outdoors in general. These are made by me to fit all the needs of the person on the go. It's small, can be worn over the shoulder, but still contains a good amount of medical supplies that are rather hard to get, and are usually extremely expensive. 
In these kits, you will get the following:
1x German Flecktarn Combat Pack with shoulder strap- Used Condition, but 100% functional. 
2x Red Tip Combat Application Tourniquets, Expired, but in original wrapping. 
2x Kerlix Gauze Packets, sealed. 
2x Bolin Chest Seals in original packaging
1x Roll of 3M Medical tape 
2x Medium 6" Israeli Bandages in original Packaging
1x Sam Splint in packaging
This is WELL over $150 worth of medical supplies, for a great low price. Although some of this stuff may be "past the expiration date", they should still work just fine as long as they're sealed. The military uses "expired" materials all the time, and they work 99% of the time unless they're out of their original packaging.