Mosin-Nagant Cleaning Kit With Ammo Pouch


Don't forget these...

The best part of running a surplus business? Finding things you stashed in a corner for "later" and forgetting about those things for 4 years. I got a decent sized lot of these components for the kits years ago, and was going to assemble kits, but never got around to it until now. Each kit has all of the pieces that come standard for each 91/30 rifle, and come packed in complimentary cosmoline. Don't worry, I will put the greasy stuff in a sandwich bag for you so it doesn't dirty up the unissued canvas pouch these come with. On top of all that, I will throw in a Kirza pouch, which was the other part of the kit issued with the 91/30 rifles. This is the real deal, and I only have a few of these assembled, so don't wait until they're sold out and you regret not snagging one!

Acessories may vary in style and color.