German Bundeswehr Green and Black Jungle Boots- UNISSUED In Stock

Size (Euro-US)

Don't forget these...

I'm pretty happy to be able to offer these on a pre-order basis, as they've NEVER been available to me or anyone else in the U.S., especially not in NEW condition!

Made of heavy duty cordura nylon, and mildew resistant black leather, these are patterned after the highly popular U.S. 3rd pattern jungle boot, with a few modern touches like speedlaces, and an anti-static and oil resistant sole. I'm not sure if these have a steel shank, so I won't say they will, and if they do it's a pleasant surprise. GENUINE BUNDESWEHR ISSUE.

I am not sure how long these will last at my supplier, so if you're on the fence about any Pre-Order item, I would suggest grabbing this one first, as I surely will be. 

SIZING: These come in weird sizes, but I'm familiar enough to feel confident in the conversion. If you wear a half size, just order a size up as jungle boots are designed to be slightly larger anyway to allow for the swelling of the feet in wet/hot conditions. 


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