Polish Army Surplus Flashlight/Signal Light-Used WITH 4.5 Volt Battery

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This style of light has been used since before the First World War. Originally called a "Torch", these were used by millions of soldiers in the 20th Century from all over the world. This design can be hanged from a button or equipment, and features not only a white light, but built-in red and green filters used for signaling or night operations. 

As some of you may know, these lights can be found here and there, but they never have the 4.5 Volt Battery necessary to run them.....Until now. 

With each WORKING (I inspect and test each and every one) torch, you will receive a brand-new 4.5 volt battery in the package. Batteries like this usually run 15-20 bucks with shipping for ONE battery, but that's the price you'll be getting the entire torch and battery for. While supplies last.

Style 1 is the style with the Big Square lens and the metal hanging loop, and Style 2 is the one with the round lens and leather button/gear tabs. 

GRADE 2 NOTE: Grade 2 lights are sold as projects only, and may have cracked lenses, broken/missing internals, and are sold for either projects or displays. These do NOT come with a battery. 

NOTE ABOUT WORKING LIGHTS: Although I go through each one, and make sure they work, some of the contacts may bend/shift slightly in shipping, and may require the user to manipulate them to come into contact with the light properly. This shouldn't happen, but if it does, I show you how to fix this issue in my video below: (coming soon)