Polish NS-71 Night Vision Goggles

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I can not believe these are available to me, and am super happy to be able to share these with you! I am probably one of the, if not THE only company that's able to get these at the moment. These are the infantry version of the PNW/V 57 night vision goggles also available in our store. 

I have successfully run these using a 12V lantern battery. Please see the video below for more explanation. 

Note: Helmet not included, but they are available separately in the shop. Will work with most Eastern Bloc style helmets, but is designed for the Wz.67 and Wz67/75 Helmets. 

ITAR CONSIDERATION: Since these are deemed to be tools used to take over the world by ITAR, these are NOT ABLE to be shipped outside the U.S. I don't make the ridiculous rules, but if I want to stay out of prison, I have to abide. Sorry guys.