Polish "Rogatywka" Army Dress Cap- Un-issued


Don't forget these...

Ah yes, the infamous Polish Rogatywka, known for it's asymmetrical square-ish shape, and unique appearance. These are actually fairly hard to find in the U.S., and now I see why. The craftsmanship is actually quite nice on these, and they are very well-made and intricate. Featuring the Polish Army Eagle Insignia, these are a must-have for any military collector. 

These appear to all be un-issued, but on some, the importer decided to put stickers on some of the chin straps proclaiming where they were made (as if there's really any question). I tried to remove them, but some will still have some residue on them. With some time and a little bit of effort, this can be removed, I'm just too lazy. That's about the only flaw(s) I have come across, and it's an easy fix. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

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