Polish Wool Blanket- Unissued


Don't forget these...

For years I've been asked by many customers if I would ever carry wool blankets. The unfortunate answer was usually "no" because of the cost, and the fact that most countries don't issue wool blankets anymore, and if they do, they're insanely expensive. That was all true until I found these awesome Polish wool blankets available. These are lightweight, warm, soft, and most of all, look great! SOME of these may contain a percentage of synthetic fibers, but most are all natural fibers like wool and cellulose. These come in so many different cool patterns. I have shown a few, but expect something just as cool but different.  Some of them are solid colors. 

I will be drawing these at random to make it a bit of fun, so no pattern requests. These are approximately 5' wide by 6 1/2' long (150x200cm), and yet they are only about 4 pounds each. I really won on this dice-roll, and I've kept SEVERAL for myself for vehicles in the winter, guest blankets, and camping blankets. These are some of the nicest and most affordable wool blankets on the market, so don't wait too long or you may miss out!