PRE ORDER- Israeli Orlite Kevlar Combat Helmet

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Genuine Israeli Surplus Orlite Kevlar Helmets. These were in service from the 1970s through now, and are among the finest Kevlar helmets in the world. Featuring an M1 style liner system, and rugged design, these are a must-have for preppers, collectors, and living historians alike. These are VERY hard to find in the U.S, as most of you know. 

Expect these to be worn, and not New. The Israeli soldiers go through some of the toughest training and military service in the world, and their surplus items reflect this. Some of these may have the extra holes in the sides for use with the riot shields that could be attached. These also range in color and finish, but are all really neat! Buy with confidence as I hand-inspect each helmet before sending them out. 

Quantity discounts available!

NOTE: These are PRE-ORDER items, which means after you order, you will claim one of the helmets in our order which may take up to 3 weeks to arrive. All pre-order customers will receive the nicest helmets as a "thank you" for making this new item possible. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on Facebook or through E-mail. Thanks!