PRE ORDER- CZECH PNV-57 Night Vision Goggle set with infrared filters and transport box.

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Pre order now available for these Czech Night Vision Goggles. Comes with everything pictured. These are active light NVGs which mean they require you to use an infrared light, or the provided filters to create infrared light to be able to see at night. Czechoslovakia and most Soviet countries used these for their T62 and T72 tank crews to be able to see at night. These are excellent pieces of history and really hard to find in the U.S. 

Notes: As these are pre-order items, I don't have them, and therefore can't test functionality. That being said, others who have purchased these years ago said most work, or are easily repairable if not in working order. These should run off 12v motorcycle batteries apparently as well as other types with some modifications. I am selling these as collectible pieces of history, and not necessarily as working pieces. Hopefully I am proven wrong, and can change this note after they arrive. If these do not function, you will receive a partial refund of $30.  I will attempt to test these, but you are expected to test your own set upon arrival.  If you have any questions, please e-mail customer service so we can assist you. 

WAIT TIME: Approximately 6-8 weeks as these are imported from Europe and can take a while to clear customs. 

ITAR Consideration: These fall under ITAR regulations, and therefore can not be shipped outside the U.S.