Replica U.S. M61 Fragmentation Paper Weight W/Spring Kit and Markings


Don't forget these...

Initially I was just going to whip a couple of these up for my Vietnam War impression, but then one of my friends asked if I could make them a few. That made me think that more people would probably like to have a somewhat accurate replica of the paper weight used by U.S. and Allied forces in the Vietnam War. Whether it be for a reenacting/living history display, or just to display in your office or war room, I think these are pretty cool. 

What they are: These are the typical "paperweight" INERT things with the holes in the bottom that are everywhere. I take the time to install the spring kits and safety clips, prime, paint, and hand stamp each one with period correct markings sourced from original examples. This process takes a fair amount of time and effort, and the stamping is, well, a lot trickier than it sounds. SO, expect the stamping to not be "perfect" (they weren't even then) as pictured. Expect the body itself to not have been ground/finished that well at the factory, which is the same as all the paperweights. I keep the really bad ones for myself, so you won't get an absolutely terrible one. 

What you will get: My offering of the closest I can get to an original M61 Fragmentation Paperweight. These have the spring kits installed, so the spoon will fly off when the pin and safety clip are removed. The ink used in the stamps is industrial ink, and will last quite a while even when at events. You will not get a "perfect replica", but a replica that I've spent some time and effort on getting to be as "close" and affordable as I can for reenacting or display. If you have any questions, please ask before ordering.

Cannot be shipped outside of the United States, FPO or APO addresses or to the state of California in accordance with California Penal Code 12020.)