Romanian Leather SKS Ammo Pouch- Used


Don't forget these...

These haven't been available for quite a while, but I managed to snag a decent amount of them! These are all well-used but still have plenty of life left in them. These are fairly hard to find in today's market, and I only have a small batch of these available. Once they're gone, I probably won't be able to get any more. 

Various conditions, but all have extensive use. The positive note of that is that the leather is nice and soft. These hold 4 10 round Chargers for the SKS Rifle. They'll also hold other items quite well. 

As pictured, there are various styles of rivets, stitching, and placement of the belt loops. These are just from different manufacturers. If you need them to be the same style when ordering a pair or more, please send a note with your order, and I will TRY to get your pair to match in style. 

PRICE IS FOR ONE POUCH. Pictures are simply stock photos of random pouches drawn from our stock.