Romanian M73/80 Helmet


Don't forget these...

 Romanian M73/80 combat helmet. These were used by the Romanians from the 70's And even today in some reserve units. and are fairy uncommon helmets to come by. The Afghan National Army uses these currently. These were styled after the Dutch M38 helmet, which was used in small numbers by Romania during WW2 up until the 70s. These are similar in design to the M34, just without the rear skirt of the M34 helmet. Your helmet will be in similar condition and may have dust/dirt, but will be 100% serviceable and minimally in Good condition. These are a MUST HAVE for any Cold War collection or Romanian Impression. 

GRADE 2 DESCRIPTION: These will be complete and use-able, but will be dirty and have a lot more wear than Grade 1s. You can probably use some leather cleaner to clean the liners, but because they're more dirty, I've decided to discount them. 

Picture is a stock photo and is a representation of the style you will receive. 

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