WW1 Austro-Hungarian M1910 Entrenching Tool- Used

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Don't forget these...

After much research and time, I found markings on one E-tool that read "Vogel&Moot Wartburg" which indicated an Austrian company that manufactured these E-tools for the Austro-Hungarian military during WW1 and before.  Nice tapered wooden handle, all held together with a heavy duty set of rivets. These are a fantastic multi-purpose tool. 

These were used by the Romanian military due to them being captured/acquired during and after WW1. 

These are extremely hard to find, especially in the  U.S. as these were used from the early 20th century, and passed along almost 4 generations of soldiers up until about the 1990s by the Romanian Military. 

NOTES: These are all used, so expect wear, rust, nicks in the handle and blade, and potentially slightly bent blades. This is usually in the area that contacts the boot at the bottom of the blade. That being said, that's the worst I've seen so far, and although these are really old and have been used and abused, they are in really good shape. May or may not have markings. VERY limited numbers of these are available.