Romanian Haversack/Breadbag.

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Here is your chance to own a WW2 style Romanian Breadbag/haversack. These are made from heavy canvas and leather. A perfect addition to your collection and camping gear. 
This design was used during WW2, all the way up through the 2000's as the Romanian Soldier's haversack. This carried enough supplies for a few days, and was equal to our assault pack. These are around 11-12 inches wide, 13 inches tall, and expand out to about 5 inches deep.
Excellent for hunting/fishing/camping. Comes with one leather strap for securing the mess tin, but can be removed and used elsewhere on the haversack for other
pieces of gear.
Made of very heavy, durable canvas. Strap is a comfortable wide shoulder strap, and is adjustable for length. Two internal compartments for separate items if need be.