Singaporean M09 Woodland Digital Camouflage Trousers- Used

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Don't forget these...

It is always fun to bring you guys stuff where you ask "How the hell did he get this?".  Well, here we go again. I managed to source a small stash of this VERY hard to get, and downright cool Singaporean M09 (No. 4 Dress Officially) camouflage. This pattern is highly desirable, being obviously influenced by MARPAT, but with an added shade of green, and scaled down slightly. This has been the standard issue of the Singaporean Armed Forces since about 2009. Made of a nice, lightweight Poly/Cotton Rip stop, these are super comfortable and still strong. I do not have a constant source for this uniform, so don't miss out!

Notes: These are all used, so expect wear, fading, small tears, stains, writing, and other usual imperfections associated with used military items. That being said, I've sorted these by hand and tried to weed out the ones I deemed "Grade II", so there is that. PLEASE remember to use your waist measurement in inches, and not U.S. pants sizes. For example, if you wear a size 32, your waist measurement is actually 34". Please know this prior to ordering. Thanks!