Soviet SSh-68 Steel Helmet-Used


Don't forget these...

You guys asked, and I FINALLY got some. Genuine Soviet surplus SSh-68 helmets. These are the same style used in Afghanistan, and some are still being used today. An improved design of the SSh-40 helmet, but featuring a more angled front, and a new liner designed to be allowed to be worn with a winter cap (ushanka). These are all used, so expect writing, scuffs, dings, and other imperfections, but all are in good condition overall. 

These are rather uncommon in the United States, and are hard to get from any retailer here. I will try to keep getting these in stock, but these are still considered a frontline helmet by the Russians, and the amount I can get is very limited. 

SIZING: These are a little more forgiving on sizing, and are sized generally larger than the SSh-40 helmets. As stated, these are designed to be worn with a winter hat if chosen. The helmets themselves are larger than the Ssh-40, so that's also a factor. 

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