Swedish M1937/65 Steel Helmet- Used, Good Condition

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These are so cool, and are a must-have for any collector or military history enthusiast. The shell was originally designed in 1937, and remained in use by Sweden until the 1990s. In 1965, the liner, which was a three-pad leather liner, was replaced with an M1 style liner, relevant to most other models in the world at that time. Liner Styles and Chinstraps may vary slighty as pictured but all are genuine surplus. 

These are comfortable, in good condition, and are adjustable for the listed head sizes. Most will have decals, but please allow for some that are more worn off or not perfect. These might have pieces of foam that has deteriorated under the sweatband, but this doesn't affect functionality. Most appear to be unissued, or extremely lightly used, and only feature storage wear. Limited Quantities on this item!