Swedish M1960 Parka with Lining-Used

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One of my all time favorite military surplus parkas is now available! I wore one of these for years until my buddy decided to keep a leaking car battery in his trunk, which he set my coat on top of, and it ate through it. Now that I've told you that, I can attest that the only thing that can destroy these heavy duty, amazing parkas is long term exposure to sulfuric acid. 

These will last YEARS through heavy use. Removable liner means you can either have a heavy weight winter parka for the winter, or a medium weight jacket shell and separate medium weight liner. Basically three coats in one great package. Worth every penny, and I'm so glad to have these in stock. 

Some may have collar tabs, some may not. To keep it fair, I will not cherry pick. 

Sizing: I have these sized to U.S. Sizes with the lining in them. Order your T-shirt size, and you won't have any problems.