Swedish M39/58 WW2 Style Gray Wool Tunic

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Now these are the sort of thing I like. Old WW2 Era surplus that people can afford! 

These can be worn as-is, and are really neat, and very practical tunics. Made of wool, which keeps you warm in colder temperatures, and cool in warmer temperatures. 

Some are dated in the 1940s, and others in the 1950s.  This style without breast pockets resembles the German M15 Feldbluse. 

Condition: These are used, which means they will not be perfect. Please expect a missing button or two, and small holes/tears in the fabric. No, I will NOT send you a pile of garbage that is unusable, as I would hate that as a customer, but these will not be pristine as they have been used in the Swedish Military and stored for many many years.