Swiss Schmidt-Rubin 1889 made in 1892


Don't forget these...

Yes, as well as thinning my surplus gear and uniform collection, I'm thinning out some boomsticks. This is a model 1889 that I've had in my collection for a few years now, but I think someone else needs to have this, as this is an "extra". Serial number on the receiver indicates 1892 manufacture which means this bad boy is an antique, and as long as it's legal in your area, and you're over 18 years old, you can have it! Be aware, you shouldn't run anything but fully researched hand-loads through this if you decide to fire it, as this is chambered for the GP90 cartridge, and not the GP11. Also, if you're intending on firing this, please make sure you have it inspected by a licensed and competent gunsmith prior to that. Magazine doesn't match, but it's a solid boomstick.

NOTES: NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING WHATSOEVER. Also, do NOT use PayPal as a payment method for this. They don't understand what an "Antique" is versus various other bad-boy boomsticks. I will need you to e-mail me a copy of your state issued ID to confirm age and legality.