Turk/Ottoman M1893/34 Mauser Rifle 8x57mm. ANTIQUE


Don't forget these...

Time to thin out some really cool antiques and share them with others who will appreciate them as much as I have. 

This is a rifle I really didn't want to part with, but it's been sitting in my office collecting dust when I know someone else will get enjoyment from it. This was one I built from a barreled action using a Chilean M1895 stock (with flaws, so look at the pics) and a failed attempt at a handguard. The handguard is in place via the front barrel band, but is not really secure, so you may want to find another one. The trigger on this one is REALLY nice. I have not fired this, but the bore is in good shape, as well as the action. Please look at the photos for details. If you have any questions, please ask.

This is an antique, so I will need a valid ID to confirm you're 18 or older, and that you can legally own an antique firearm where you reside. It's VERY rare you find an antique firearm chambered in a modern caliber. The ones I have in my collection are EXCELLENT shooters. 

That being said, PLEASE have this inspected by a competent, licensed gunsmith PRIOR to firing. 

ACTUAL rifle is pictured. 

Good luck!