U.S. "Frogskin" WW2 Camouflage HBT Boonie Hat


Don't forget these...

It's always been a goal of mine to make modern-cut clothing and accessories out of historic camouflage patterns. It goes without saying that it's not always the easiest or most cost-effective project, but once in a while, I get lucky. These boonie hats are made by a very experienced hat maker out of 100% cotton Herringbone Twill material, like a lot of the original HBT uniforms were. This makes these hats not only look great, but also gives them a lot of durability. I love mine, and get comments on it on my videos an in real life. Approximately 2 1/2" Brim Width.

NOTE: Please Allow for 4-6 weeks for delivery on the first batch of hats. Ordering early like this will ensure you have one in your size locked in. Estimated delivery is the end of August, 2021, but will probably be sooner than that. After that, I will try to have these regularly stocked, but can't guarantee them all the time. Thanks!