U.S. Vietnam War Era Chieu Hoi Magazine Bags- 10 Pack-Unissued


Don't forget these...

Listing is for TEN of these super useful and historical little bags. These were both functional in the field, and functional in the propaganda department.  

The bag was designed to hold one 20-round M16 magazine and to protect it from the elements. A built-in metal strip allows the bag to be sealed well. The bag was also designed to be thrown away after the magazine was removed, then to be picked up and read by an enemy combatant. The combatant could then use the bag as a "get home safely pass" when presented to Allied Forces. The bags were only one small part of the Chieu Hoi program, which eventually resulted in an estimated100,000 desertions from the Viet Cong and NVA.

The full translation reads: Returning Chieu Hoi will help you to again see your parents and family in a peaceful and democratic South Vietnam.

These are a super affordable (and practical for small parts and other storage purposes) way to own a genuine piece of Vietnam War history. These can be shipped Worldwide.

NOTE: These came from original boxes, and most are dated 1969/70. They are in unissued condition.