U.S. Vietnam War Reproduction 2nd Pattern Jungle Fatigue Trousers


Don't forget these...

Ah yes, after years of looking for actually good reproductions to sell, I've managed to find a small source for these beauties. These are the closest reproductions of the 2nd pattern U.S. Jungle Fatigues worn from 1964 to the end of the Vietnam War that I've come across in a while. Made of 100% cotton poplin, these have all the correct features of the originals. 

-Poplin OG-107 Material in the correct weight.

-Leg Ties in Hip Pockets for weight distribution.


These are my personal favorite pattern of jungle fatigues out of the 4 that were issued during the Vietnam War. Originals are almost impossible to find, and GOOD QUALITY reproductions aren't much easier, until now. 

NOTE: These only come in regular length sizes for now. Sizes are based on U.S. BDU Sizes and are very close. Inseams are 32". These can be rolled up or tucked in to boots as originals were. 

ALSO. Please allow for 1-3 weeks for delivery as this is a special order item.