U.S. Woodland Camouflage Poncho Liner or "Woobie" - New Old Stock


Don't forget these...

Probably one of the most iconic and beloved pieces of gear of the U.S. Infantryman since the Vietnam War, is the poncho liner. Nicknamed the "woobie", (many loathe the nickname, I embrace it) these are made of a heavy duty, yet lightweight nylon shell, and are stuffed with a polyester fluffy filling, sewn shut to perfection. These are versatile and lightweight, and can be used as a blanket, a liner for the poncho during rain, or, also attached to the poncho, a lightweight sleeping bag. Early liners were O.D., Vietnam era ones were ERDL, and Post Vietnam evolved in to M81 woodland patterns.

These are BRAND NEW, straight out of the original boxes. These last a LONG time, but are rising in price, and are not getting any easier to find, as it is with most surplus. These are the real deal, not the chinsy after-market ones. Grab one, or two, or more so you have a life-time supply and never have to worry about them being gone forever.