US M84 PASGT Vest In Olive Drab- Size Medium

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Don't forget these...

So, if you're a serious U.S. collector, especially body armor, you probably already head half of a coronary just reading the title. Well, I managed to get these with a batch of body armor from another European country, and couldn't believe my eyes when these were in the box. I only got 2 of these this time. These, in the past when I got a couple, usually were dated 1983/1984, making them among the first of the PASGT vests produced. I always thought all PASGT vests were M81 woodland, but apparently that is incorrect. People have said the U.S. Navy, Reporters Covering Conflicts, and some other countries utilized these. They are still rare as hen's teeth though, and the last time I had a couple of these, they sold out in minutes. The NSN has been sharpied on these vests due to their use by another military force. You may be able to use something to remove it and see the date as I can't confirm. Anyway, enough babbling, good luck! And I hope you're the lucky one who will have this in their collection.