West German Bread-Bag. Used but in Good Shape


Don't forget these...

Ah yes, the iconic "Brotbuetel" or "Breadbag". This was a piece of equipment of German soldiers for almost 100 years. Its practicality was adopted even by countries like the U.S. with out "buttpacks", which were influenced by this great piece of gear. 

After WW2, both German Armed forces, the West and East German ones to be precise, kept up the tradition for many years in to the cold war. These are made of a lighter weight yet sturdy canvas, and feature leather and aluminum hardware. Not only are these historical, but they're also practical pieces of gear. This is a great and affordable way to get some great and historical surplus. 

NOTES: These are all used, so expect wear. Leather colors, and styles may vary slightly, but the stock photo is a pretty good representation of what you'll get. 

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