West German G3 Cleaning Kit- Used


Don't forget these...

After many requests and sitting on the fence about selling these, I've decided to offer up the cleaning kits that I've used the most with my surplus rifles. These were made for the Bundeswehr for the H&K G3 rifle and MG3. These kits also work with larger calibers such as 8mm Mauser, and basically most firearms with a bore diamter of .30 or bigger. 

Kits may vary with contents, but generally they will have Most contents minus the cleaning wick (the big white rope looking thing on top of the other contents). I will try to inspect each kit to ensure you're getting what's pictured, but please be prepared for them to be missing some stuff. What I will guarantee is the Pull-Through chain (which is alone worth the value) and the bore brush. All other contents are a bonus. Alright now that we've got that set straight, grab yours today and get those bores looking great!