WW1 Austro-Hungarian Pike Gray M1910 Tunic

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They're back! M1910 "Pike Gray" (More of a gray-blue tint) tunics. These were the uniform worn by the K.u.K Forces in the early years of WW1. These are super high quality, and will last you many events. These come stock with dark green collar tabs for Infantry, but if you need another color, contact me so we can make arrangements. 

I also have the star insignia pins for the collar available, just let me know if you need any put on the collar and I'll make sure they're on when it ships to you!

No other vendor in the U.S has these, and why settle for those cheaply made uniforms from China and Taiwan? 

Note: This is a custom-made item which requires 4-6 weeks to be made, shipped to me, and shipped to you. Please expect this wait after your order, as I have to order it from the tailor as each uniform is on a made-to-order basis.