WW1 British No. 5 Mills Bomb Grenade- High Quality Resin Replica


Don't forget these...

So this is something that I got pretty excited about when I got the sample. These are one of the most common grenades used by Entente powers in WW1, and many other grenades were designed off of this. 

This is a fantastic replica of the No 5 Mills bomb. Painted with the green stripe, which indicated that the grenade was charged with Amatol, a combination of TNT and ammonium nitrate. Painted brass bottom cap, which was where the detonator was screwed in to make this live, indicated by the red stripe.

This is the only place you're going to be able to get a high quality cast replica of this rare grenade. 

Made of resin, these are for display, but can be used for reenacting. I would not recommend throwing these very hard, but once you buy them, they're yours to do what you want.