WW1 French Mle. 1915 "Adrian" Helmet- Reproduction


Don't forget these...

I'm trying to get back in to offering up new made reproductions for reenacting, living history, or just to have as a place-holder before you get a super expensive original. I like to keep in tradition of only offering items I would feel comfortable having in my impression or on display, and that's why I have this guy available for purchase. 

Most repro Adrian helmets I've run in to and/or purchased in the past are just crappy. The shells are extremely heavy, the work is shoddy, and the color is never right. Don't even get me started on the liners they put in there. I don't know where the hell they came up with those designs, but it wasn't from an original Adrian. 

Finally, I found a source of these that aren't total crap. Decent color, decent weight (albeit slightly heavier than originals), decent liner, and correct shape overall, which is a big deal. Overall I'd give these a solid 8/10. Maybe a new liner and a paint job and they'd be a solid 10/10. I'm keeping one for myself in the hopes that someday I'll be able to source and afford an M1915 French Poilu Impression. 

Liners come standard ready to fit about a size 61Cm head, but you can place foam or something behind the leather to make it smaller, or just replace the liner with one that fits you. Aluminum spacers not present on these. Overall not a bad deal for the price.