WW1 Imperial German Feldmütze


Don't forget these...

A VERY nice reproduction of the infamous "Feldmütze" used by the imperial German soldier in the First World War. After the war, they were also worn by various units of the Freikorps and other paramilitary units up through the 1930s. These reproductions are what I personally have in my WW1 German impression, as the quality and shape of these is superior to most on the market today, without having to take out a second mortgage to be able to afford one. Many different styles available, including the often mis-colored, but in this case correct Jäger green. Cockades at this point are all Prussian. Sizes are pretty true to size so order normal sizes. That was a fun sentence huh? 

Wool shades will vary, but this is 100% accurate to anything wool in the First World War, adding to the authenticity. 

I will be honest, some of the Top cockades have problems with the paint they used running, but cockades are VERY cheap, and most of you will customize them anyway. That's why these are priced insanely low. You won't be sorry.