WW1 U.S M1910 Dogtag Set.

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Custom made, authentic reproductions of the U.S M1910 dogtags. I make these disks myself out of 1/16" thick aluminum. Each disc is then stamped with your desired information, using an original marking outfit. These disks are about 1 1/8" in diameter, just like the originals.      NOTICE: In WW1, each soldier stamped their own dogtags and gear. Usually soldiers were rushed in stamping their metal items, including dogtags. This resulted in several errors often times. These tags may have errors (backwards or upside down letters). This means these tags are the most authentic tags you can get for WW1.    These tags (2 of them) come with period correct 3/8" cotton HBT tape in the natural cotton color. A must-have for your WW1 Impression.    Photos are a sample photo to show what the stamps and tags look like. Please send along with your order:

First and Last Name, Rank, Unit  (I.E: Co. F. 18 INF), Army or USMC, and your preferred 8 digit service number. 
   If you want something other than that format, contact me and we'll work something out.    Feel free to ask any questions before buying.    Thanks!