WW1 U.S. M1910 "Dogtag" Set with Neck Cord- Hand Made


Don't forget these...

After a few years of not making these bad boys, I decided, after many people requested these, to bring them back. These are the absolute closest you're going to get to original M1910 dogtags AND the correct HBT neck cord that was worn with them. Whether you just want a set because they're cool, for reenacting, or to replicate a set of your relative's dogtags, these are the best of the best. 

These are the absolute correct diameter and thickness to the originals. These are stamped from a custom-made die just like originals, then are hand-stamped by me using an original marking outfit from WW1. These are very labor intensive, as each letter/number has to be individually stamped with a hammer, but I enjoy creating them.

NOTES: Because each tag is hand-stamped just like the originals, no two tags will be identical. Original tags are rarely "perfect", as the soldiers would stamp these themselves, often in a hasty manner during training. This is absolutely 100% authentic, and if someone says your tag isn't accurate because it isn't perfect, they don't have a damned clue what they're talking about.

FORMAT: The most commonly seen format is like the examples I have in the stock photos. Usually the Name, Rank, Company, Regiment, and Branch were on the front, and service number was on the back. Some tags had less information, and some were just name and branch of service. I currently will not be offering the later 2-hole style tag. 

HOW TO ORDER: You SHOULD be able to leave a note or comment when you check-out, but in the event you can't, please send me an e-mail with your order number and what information you would like stamped. You can get any info you want stamped on these, but be aware there is VERY limited space on them.