WW1 U.S. M1917 Brodie Helmet- The Best Reproduction Money can Buy

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I finally have some! The absolute FINEST reproduction M1917 Brodie helmets money can buy. Instead of ruining your original in the field, grab one of these, which is identical to originals, and can be beat up in the field without destroying a piece of history. Featuring correct textured O.D. finish and riveted chinstrap bales.

100% made in the U.S.A these helmets are made on an original helmet press using mild steel, much like originals. The liners are hand-made in the U.S, and with use, are indistinguishable from an original example.

These are the same helmets I personally use for my WW1 reenacting impression. 

Yes, they're worth EVERY penny. Not cheap repros from China.

If you've been needing to get an actual quality reproduction brodie helmet, the wait is over. Grab yours today! Limited Quantities!