WW1 U.S M1917 Service Coat

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U.S M1917 Service Coats. These are new-made reproductions of the U.S Military's primary dress/combat wear during the First World War. These are so close to originals, it would be hard to tell the difference except these look a lot newer. These are made of 100% Khaki/Brown serge wool, and are not mass-produced, ensuring tip top quality on every piece. 

We had issues on the cut/pattern/style before, but here's a list of what we fixed:
-Pockets are now larger and are the same size as originals.

-Coats have the "hourglass" figure to them now.

-Collars are thinner and have the correct border on them and are the correct height.

-Epaulets aren't gigantic anymore, and are the same size as originals. 

SO, with all of these corrections, we've fielded what I believe is the best reproduction of the U.S M1917 Service Coat on the Market. 2017 Marks 100 years since the U.S declared war on Germany, so you better suit up and grab yourself one of these!

Note: These are a "made-to-order" item, which means after you order, I order your uniform from the tailor. This can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks after ordering. Other companies in the past have had 9 month+ waiting periods.