WW1 U.S. M1917 Service Coat with Local WW1 Victory Medal. 36" Chest


Don't forget these...

There's one thing that sucks about wool: Moths. Apparently moth balls go bad, and I didn't realize that. This fell victim to those dirty little pricks, but I caught it in time. It had SOME moth damage before, but as pictured, there's a bit more now, namely in the right armpit. STILL an AWESOME collector's piece and will clean up and display nicely. A great bargain for a beginner or seasoned collector. This was an extra service coat in my collection anyway, I just wish there were a few less irritating holes. Has a Wisconsin Fond Du Lac county WW1 Victory Medal, as well as a discharge chevron and 6 month state-side service chevron and Corporal stripes. A really cool piece.