WW2 7th ID / Southwest Pacific Command / 6th Army Dress Uniform Set


Don't forget these...

I've had this uniform set for some time now, but it's time for it to go to a collector who will appreciate it more and display it. This is a cool uniform set. This guy apparently started out in the 7th ID, then was with the 6th Army, then went to Southwest Pacific command at some point. Tech 4 rank on both the shirt and tunic, as well as ribbons and ruptured duck. I am selling these as a set, as that's how I got them so no, I will not be splitting it up. Tunic is 37", the shirt is 15 1/2 which is about 38", and the trousers are 32x33. Some moth damage in the back of the shirt but that was there when I got it. There may be some random tiny moth holes on the tunic as well, but I couldn't see more than a couple. A solid piece of WW2 history from the PTO.