WW2 German Kar98K Bayonet S84/98

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Genuine surplus K98 bayonets, made in Germany during or before WW2, and after the war, these continued military service with the Yugoslavian military for many years. 

I have several options to choose from. Some are maker marked, some are not (there aren't any "rare" maker marks). These were used for quite a few years and thrown through the ringer, so expect a lot of wear, dings, and imperfections in the blade and the rest of the unit. That being said, these are all 100% functional and will work on any Mauser rifle with the M98 "bar" style bayonet lug. "Matching" Means the Yugo stamped number matches. The Yugoslavian military stamped the handguards and the frog hook on the scabbard. This is one of your last chances to grab a genuine piece of WW2 history before it's all eaten up by collectors!

Condition: These have been given a "once over" by me using mineral spirits. Expect cosmoline in the scabbard, but it's actually a good thing as it protects the blade. Most of the finish on these is worn off, as they made it through a World War and who knows how many years after. These will all be functional, and in totally useable condition.